Buying Clothing Guide in Bangkok

Buying Clothing Guide in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand is a paradise for leisure and shopping. With many shopping centres and traditional open markets, many tourists fly to Bangkok yearly to fill their shopping bags with unbelievable cheap apparels and fashion accessories. Bangkok is also one of the main clothing wholesale centres in Southeast Asia. Many boutique owners and online boutiques travel to Bangkok monthly to source for clothes and fashion apparels. However, in most of the shopping centres and open market that most tourists patronise, prices of these clothes apparel are not suitable for making business. These are the tourist prices. For those business boutique owners who knows their way around Bangkok, they will know where to book their hotel near to those clothing wholesale centre.

Prices quoted at these wholesale areas are for wholesale purchases. Wholesale purchases start from as low as 3 pieces per design to a few thousand pieces. The higher the quantity that you purchase per design, the lower the wholesale prices. These traditional clothing markets are namely Platinum Fashion Mall, Pratuman Wholesale Market, Chatukcha market and Bobae Market. These markets are stalled by shop owners who manufacture their own clothing designs and sell them wholesale. Recent years, shops in Platinum Fashion Mall are starting a lot of wholesale clothes made in China. A sharp business owner should be able to differentiate between which clothing are manufactured in Thailand itself as compared to those wholesalers who import the clothing from China.

One reason being why there is a presence of more china made clothing found in wholesale market in Bangkok is because one needs to have certain buying power to purchase wholesale clothing directly from China. The minimum quantity to purchase wholesale inside China is usually around 20 pieces or more per design. So naturally, Bangkok becomes a secondary market for china made clothing wholesale because the Bangkok wholesalers allow wholesale purchase for as low as 2 or 3 pieces per design. For the smaller boutique owners who want to control their inventory or have limited capital can look forward to source clothing products from Bangkok first.

Quality of clothes vary a lot in Bangkok clothing wholesale markets. There can be very cheap clothes as low as 6 US dollars to higher quality clothing that sells wholesale at 40 US dollars. Generally, the clothing quality in Bangkok is somewhat around low to mid-range quality. However, there is a small pool of Thai local designers who can manufacture really good quality clothes located at Siam Square. Siam Square is a smaller clothing wholesale area inside Bangkok. It mainly consists of local Thai designers who design their own clothes design together with clothing accessories as hats, necklaces and shoes. The wholesale prices of these Thai designed clothes are somewhat much higher than those found inside Platinum Fashion Mall.

If you are looking for mass clothes for your clothing business, Pratuman market is an ideal area to try sourcing. Located just across Platinum fashion Mall and linked by an overhead bridge from the second floor of Platinum Fashion Mall, Pratuman Market covers a large area. The entire area of the Pratuman Market starts from the shops across the road from Platinum Fashion Mall to end point at Indra Market. Indra Market is another area that sells electronics cheaply in Bangkok and is often visited by many tourists from India. Wholesale Prices in Pratuman market can go as low as $5 US dollars for bulk purchase. However, Pratuman Market opens every early at 5am in the morning and closes by 2pm in the afternoon. The wholesalers in Pratuman area are known to not interested in selling to tourist. They are more focus on selling wholesale to business buyers.

There is a much lower quality market known as Bobae Market which is located along the Saen Sieb Khlong. If you need to get to Bobae market from Pratuman, the best way to ravel by water taxi along the river. Once inside Pratuman area, you can easily recognise the water taxi stand which used by many Thais to travel in Bangkok. The Bobae market is not a market area similar to Pratuman Market. In fact, it is a shopping mall known as the Bobae Tower. Inside Bobae Tower, you will find a lot of Thai clothing Manufacturers themselves. They manufacture low quality clothing which is as low as $3 US dollars per piece for wholesale purchase. However, the quality of the clothes can be very undesirable by business owners. This market is mainly patronised by local Thai clothing shop owners who prefers to sell clothes at cheap prices to tourists in Bangkok. If you really want to look for cheap but better-quality clothing, Chatukcha market and Pratuman market will be a better choice. But in recent years, Chatukcha market are becoming more like a flea market which attracts more tourists than wholesale buyers.

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